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Pratap Ku Sahoo
   Pratap Ku Sahoo

I am Pratap Kumar Sahoo founder and CEO of good for self. I like reading, writing and planting trees. I am a B.COM graduate from North Odisha University. After that, all of the website design work was done. sometimes my friends ask me if this product will be good for me or not. After that, I see that product very well, I tell them right and wrong.

Once a friend of mine told me that you are very supporting to find a good product for us. But many people like us must be looking for the same thing, but if you do one thing then you know how to make a website. You make a good blog and tell which product is the best or which is not good. So I thought a lot after that created a blog its name is goodforself.

Why start goodforself?

You will know that many people look for many days to buy a good product, but it becomes very arduous for them to get a good product, that’s why I created this blog to save you some important time so that you can help people.

In this, the product that is good for you, we will tell that it is good, will tell you which product is not good for you. Here we will not tell you anything wrong, which is right, that which is right, which is wrong, which is the right product, most of the time, I will tell you here only. Sometimes will also ask some experts to tell you which one is good for you.

I am always thankful and happy to receive your valuable comments, please share your opinion to improve this blog.

My Goal?

    My goal is to find a very good product for you, which product can work for you, so you do not face any problem about this product, so you have to trust me, I will tell you a good product.

Thanks once again for you reading my blog and I hope that I will always improve this blog and maintain our cordial relationship in the future.

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‌Hello, friends am Pratap Kumar Sahoo. Am a B.COM graduate for North Orissa University. I like reading, writing, and planting the tree. My profession is website creating, content writing, SEO, digital marketing, I interest in technology. So I created goodforself.com for you.